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Dubai Luxury Living

Dubai, the city of futuristic skyscrapers, has much to offer its residents. Dubai luxury living has a well-developed infrastructure for a comfortable life, the weather, and a tax-free income. The favorable mortgage terms also are just a few of the many reasons why Dubai is such an appealing place to relocate. The city has a diverse range of residential properties depending on your price expectations. Compact studios to spacious villas, with so many new construction projects introduced each year. Given the construction boom, it is only natural that major developers are offering attractive terms to those looking to buy real estate. Dubai luxury living has an abundance of prominent locales that showcase luxury living. The iconic Palm Jumeirah is a symbol of affluence, with lavish beachfront houses and mansions. Emirates Hills is a gated enclave of opulent houses that surrounds the Montgomerie Dubai golf course. The awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa is surrounded by expensive residences and penthouses, as well as upscale shopping and entertainment. Dubai Marina's sleek architecture borders the shoreline with high-end flats and penthouses. Jumeirah Islands is a private enclave of villas surrounded by interconnecting waterways. While the emirate's wealth was originally derived from the oil industry, Dubai now has a diverse economy. This gives it a broad perspective regardless of the state of the global oil market. This situation can benefit every resident, whether they are starting a business, working for a successful company, or purchasing real estate.

Dubai Luxury Living Properties for Sale

from 4,360,000 AED
Bedrooms: 4
Attractive 10/90 payment Plan
from 1,480,000 AED
Bedrooms: 1
to 3
Attractive 65/35 Payment Plan
from 5,090,000 AED
Bedrooms: 3
to 5
Attractive 90/10 Payment Plan
from 10,400,000 AED
Bedrooms: 4
to 5
Attractive 50/50 Payment Plan
Attractive 80/20 Payment Plan
from 18,000,000 AED
Bedrooms: 5
to 6
Attractive 60/40 Payment Plan
from 10,000,000 AED
Bedrooms: 2
to 5
from 8,100,000 AED
Bedrooms: 4
to 5
Attractive 60/40 Payment Plan
from 1,900,000 AED
Bedrooms: Studio
to 3