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Palm Jebel Ali

Palm Jebel Ali is a big artificial island being built near Dubai. It's part of a group of man-made islands, including Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Islands. Palm Jumeirah is already popular, with nice places to eat, beaches, fancy homes, and fun things to do. Dubai Islands is also being worked on. Palm Jebel Ali was started in 2009 but stopped. Now, in 2023, it's getting a fresh start and will be twice as big as Palm Jumeirah when finished. It'll have room for about 35,000 families and 80 hotels. The plan fits with Dubai's idea to have more beaches by 2040. The island will be eco-friendly, using a lot of clean energy, and will have walkways and bike paths for people. It's part of Dubai's big plans for the future.

Area Guide

Palm Jebel Ali

Upon completion, Palm Jebel Ali will be seamlessly connected to the mainland through bridges, enhancing accessibility. The proximity of Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) ensures convenient travel throughout the emirate once the road infrastructure is in place. Ample parking spaces will be integrated into both residential and commercial developments, mirroring the spacious parking setup seen in Palm Jumeirah villas. Currently in the early stages of development, public transportation is not available in Palm Jebel Ali. However, future plans align with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, envisioning public transport stations located within a maximum of 800 meters from residential areas to enhance accessibility and mobility within the community.

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