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MBR City

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR City) oversaw the construction of a large, recently built mixed-use property in Downtown Dubai, providing top-notch residential accommodations. He combined residential, economic, cultural, and tourist facilities with a thorough infrastructure to ensure smooth connectivity with the rest of the city. Because of its substantial size and incorporation of significant amenities, people have likened this area to "a city within a city." It also features a sizable entertainment complex, the Meydan One Mall. It is a huge shopping mall, with various art galleries, and commercial facilities. As originally estimated, the construction of MBR City required an investment of USD 8.2 billion. It covers a total area of 436.6 hectares, with half of it dedicated to beautifully designed green spaces, including a central park and golf courses.

Area Guide

MBR City

One of the most widely anticipated construction projects in the emirate of Dubai is Mohammed Bin Rashid City. It is projected that as it grows, it will transform into a vibrant district similar to Downtown Dubai. The process of handing over homes has begun after the first two phases were completed in 2019. The third phase is also nearing completion, and ready-to-move properties are currently for sale in some parts of much anticipated neighborhoods like Dubai Hills Estate and District One.

Properties for Sale in MBR City

Attractive 80/20 Payment Plan
from 12,000,000 AED
Bedrooms: 4
to 6
Attractive 80/20 Payment Plan
from 1,450,000 AED
Bedrooms: 1
to 4
Easy 60/40 Payment Plan
from 7,800,000 AED
Bedrooms: 4
to 6
Attractive 60/40 Payment Plan
from 4,200,000 AED
Bedrooms: 4
to 6