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Business Bay

Business Bay is a popular residential neighborhood in Dubai, recognized for its premium living and modern amenities. It has luxury apartments in tall towers, top-notch hotels, and a well-developed infrastructure, making it a desirable area to live and visit. It is ideally located close to Downtown Dubai and is flanked by the Dubai Canal. This encompasses an amazing 80 million square feet, providing a wide and dynamic neighborhood. There are office buildings, magnificent hotels, high-rise residential towers, and retail outlets for shopping. Fitness centers for exercise, and even a communal park for leisure and relaxation within this enormous community. This area is recommendable for its location which is along the Dubai Canal's beachfront. The accessibility of Business Bay is made easier by its proximity to important roadways such as Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. This makes conveniently connects the neighborhood to the rest of the city. This means that homeowners have easy access to practically all of Dubai's key attractions. For example, it just takes around 10 minutes to get to Downtown Dubai, a bustling hive of entertainment and trade. Furthermore, City Walk and Jumeirah Beach Residences are only a 15-minute drive away. Palm Jumeirah and lively Dubai Marina are only a 10-minute drive away. Because of this, Business Bay is a great location for both residents and visitors to experience Dubai's many amenities without having to travel large distances.

Area Guide

Business Bay

Business Bay is located on the Dubai Canal, which connects to Dubai Creek at Deira and Jumeirah Beach. It is about 1.5 kilometers from the world-famous Burj Khalifa. This 64 million square foot area, which is still being built, has blossomed into a flourishing business center, complete with office and residential towers, lush gardens, and a network of roads and rivers. It is drawing multinational corporations and astute investors. Following the 2008 economic slump, there was a trend toward more residential structures rather than commercial buildings, resulting in an inflow of apartments on the market. The unique Marasi Business Bay, which is connected to the sea via the Dubai Canal, features floating 'water residences,' a marina, and bustling shops. Al Habtoor City, the first major development on the Dubai Water Canal, consists of luxury residential units.

Properties for Sale in Business Bay

Attractive 50/50 Payment Plan
Attractive 60/40 Payment Plan
from 10,000,000 AED
Bedrooms: 2
to 5
Attractive 60/40 Payment Plan
from 1,870,000 AED
Bedrooms: 1
to 3
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from 1,818,000 AED
Bedrooms: 1
to 3